Sunrise Time Lapse at Maiga Island, Sabah

As part of a continuation from the previous post – Paradise Island of Sabah – Mabul & Maiga Island – I want to share with you one of many time lapse clips I did when I was there.

As the sun rises early in this part of the world – at 5.30am to be exact, I had to be early with the spot I want to photograph. As there were 14 of us, it was “first come first serve” to get the spot.

So I went in to the water.

I decided to use the sea gypsy huts as my subject and I know that the sun will come up from behind the neighbouring island – the Bodgaya Island.

I set my Nikon D3 down on a tripod and fixed a Lee Proglass and GND filter to balance out the exposure of the sky as well as getting a slow shutter speed for longer exposure of the sea water. For sunrise (and sunset) time lapse, I uses the Holy Grail method by Gunther Wegner.

I did two time lapses with a total of 380 shots and combined them as per the video below.

Post processing was done with Lightroom 5 and LRTimelapse.

Looking back at the time lapse, I’d wish that I’d chosen a better spot to capture the dramatic change of lights and exposure during the sunrise. And I feel that there is no powerful foreground which can make the the images stronger.

I will definitely be back to Maiga and repeat this time lapse. There is a plan currently in the works to go back there in April 2015. Wish me luck.

© 2016 Hafiz Ismail (c.c.i.g)
Accredited Commercial Photographer with the Government of Malaysia.

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